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Welcome to Edify

A National Political Organization Dedicated to Cannabis Issues

Edify leverages a comprehensive approach to finding solutions that actually to make an impact in the areas of legislation, infrastructure, social justice, and public opinion.

Our core team has worked behind the scenes and orchestrating sweeping reform with some of the top brands, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit groups in the country and we have additional experts that we utilize in various parts of the globe as needed.

Work with community leaders to implement plans and regulations that are effective and reflect our values.

Create media to change hearts and minds about our issues.
Get local organizations the resources they need to continue their work – training, resources, and funding.

Edify is Highlighting Cannabis on Television!

Edify is partnering with Reine Media to create a new social justice reality series where we will work to change the cannabis industry for the better.

Shawna Vercher Attends CBA Globe Awards in Miami

Shawna Vercher Attends CBA Globe Awards in Miami

PressShawna Vercher, host of the upcoming social justice reality series, participated in the Cannabis Business Awards “CBA Globes” held in Miami, Florida. The event was hosted by Chloe Villano, founder of CBA, and Rohan Marley, former star linebacker at the University...